Trip to Glucksman Art Gallery

Last Friday, 27th of February 1st, 2nd and 3rd Class travelled to the Glucksman Art Gallery on the grounds of U.C.C. in Cork. They travelled to Cork by bus and spent the morning taking part in a monoprinting workshop and were also given a guided tour of the Gallery. It was a fantastic opportunity for the children to see other artists work and to see art displayed in a Gallery. The children really enjoyed the day. We were delighted with and wish to thank the parents who volunteered to go on the trip on the day.

See below some thoughts from the children and some of the monoprinting artwork created on the day.


"We met a guy called Killian and he gave us a tour around the Glucksman Gallery. He told us about the artists and what they liked. Some liked strange things and some liked normal things".

(Third Class Children).


"In the workshop he showed us a video of mono printing and then we got started".

(2nd Class Children).


"We loved the gallery. It was lots of fun. We liked doing the monoprinting Art".

(1st Class Children).


Steps for monoprinting (3rd Class)

1. Get a sheet of paper and draw pictures of Summer.

2. Cut them out and get a big piece of paper to cover the table and a plastic sheet .

3. Get a plate with paint and get a roller for the paint.
4. Cover the plastic sheet with paint and lay your pictures on the plastic sheet .
5. Cover the drawings in a different colour paint. 
6. Then get another sheet of paper and place it on top of the  plastic sheet .
7. Leave if for a few seconds then take it off .
8. Let it dry while you are washing your hands 
9. And hang it up on something, that is your art work.
Try it  out and see if it works!