September, Newsletter 2016

Convent Of Mercy Primary School

Kanturk, Co. Cork

Phone No : 029 50021

Fax No (029) 51401



7th September, 2016

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to our new school year 2016- 2017.  We hope this will be a happy and successful one for all.  I would like to extend a special welcome to all our new families.

I would like to bring your attention to the following:

Personal Accident Insurance: I attach the relevant documentation on the Personal Accident Insurance for your child in Primary School. Should you wish to avail of this, you might please return the completed form and cost before 16th September, 2016.

Front Door Access  Only : All parents/visitors may enter through the front door.   In order to avoid disruption of classes, please report to Secretary at the office  as you enter the school .

Signing out - Signing in procedure:  For insurance purposes the school operates a signing out/signing in procedure if a child is taken out of school early for any reason such as illness /doctors/dentists appointments etc.  Also children who come to school after 9.20 must be signed in.  Thank you for your assistance in implementing this procedure which will help keep our school safer for all.

Absences : Please ring / send in a note/write  in school journal , when a child is absent as we need to know the reason for the absence in all cases so that we can complete the records for the National Educational Welfare Board.  The school will inform the Education Welfare Officer in writing where the child has missed 20 days in a school year or where attendance is irregular and when the pupil is removed from the school register or where a child is suspended or expelled for 6 days or more.

Significant absences caused by ill health (i.e absences longer than 5 continuous school days) should be certified.

Children are supervised in the school hall from 9.00am to 9.10am each morning .

Parents are discouraged from dropping children to school before then. In the evening all children are expected to have left the school grounds by 3.00p.m. unless attending After School. A Child who comes to school after 10.10a.m is marked absent as directed by the Department of Education & Skills.

In the interest of Safety the school opens at please do not drop your child off before then or leave him/her unattended at the school gate when closed.  For safety reasons and so Angela our traffic warden can do her job safety please do not park on double yellow lines outside the school. 

School Uniform:- Please ensure that your child wears their uniform everyday.  For safety reasons please ensure that your child wears flat safe shoes. Leggings are not allowed under uniforms. Only runners for P.E. days.

Contacts : Please let us know if there any changes to your contact details – phone no’s or addresses etc and emergency contact details .  The school uses Texts to communicate with parents.  If you are not receiving school text message, please contact the school so that we can check that we have the correct mobile number.

·Consent Form 2016- 2017: You might please sign and return the Annual Consent Form 2016/2017 at your earliest convenience.

School Calendar:  A school Calendar, which gives details of school closures in 2016/2017 is enclosed.  You will be notified as soon as possible of any changes to the dates included.

This year pupils in the Infant classes can be collected by Parents/Guardians at the bottom of the yard at 1.50p.m. Junior Infants will remain in school until 1.50p.m. from Thursday 15th,  September. 

Book Rental & Photocopying should be paid as soon as possible.  As there are lots of payment  at this time of year you may pay in instalments if you wish.   We ask you to ensure the books are kept in good condition.  The book rental will be given out to each pupil when the rental fee has been paid. 

We continue to encourage healthy eating in our school.

Reminder – as stated in our Healthy Eating Policy we would remind you that nuts , Nutella or any other foods containing  nuts in them are not allowed in school.  We thank you for your co- operation.

Music begin next Tuesday with Jackie Bolster.  Cost per term €28 per term or €2 each week.

Our Parents Association Meeting will be held in the school on Wednesday 14th September at 8.00pm.  We welcome everyone and encourage new parents to join.  The Parents Association would like to add that the more volunteers on the Committee the less work involved in fundraising for everyone, for the school.

Finally should you have any concerns or queries please feel free to contact the school or make an appointment to meet with the teacher  and call in.  Also feel free to log onto school website at for all school information etc.  We wish you all a happy and safe year in school.   

All school newsletters will be in green paper.

Le gach dea mhéin,


Derval Vaughan