Second & Third Class Denise O' Riordan


We are having great fun this week celebrating Active School Week! We love all the videos from our local heroes and the activities that we got to take part in with the wonderful people who came to visit us! We are trying to be as active as possible and having lots of fun along the way!!

We are also going to be having an "Ireland's Got Talent" competition in our classroom this Friday which we cannot wait for!!! We have been practicing at home, out on the yard etc. 

Summer is nealry here and we are counting down to the holidays by having a VIP everyday which is so much fun!!!


This month we celebrated our First Confession. We had a very special day in school and we really enjoyed it!! Our families received a photo of the day as a keepsake which we hope to treasure in the future!

We celebrated World Bee Day this month too! We learned a lot about bees and had the privilege of having a zoom call with Dr.Fiona Edwards Murphy who is the CEO and Co-Founder of ApisProtect. She is also a past pupil of our school which was very exciting to all the children when they heard this!! Fiona delivered an exciting and informative zoom call where she answered questions that the children had compiled! We would like to say a big thank you to Dr.Fiona for her time with us! We also made fabulous stained glass effect Bee Art for our windows and even got to take part in a honey tasting activity!! Some pupils also planted some flowers near the sensory garden which we hope will bloom!!

We also had a lovely teacher Miss.Rea working with us this month! We learned a lot and had great fun along the way! Have a look at the lovely art display that Miss Rea did with us this week! 


We have been very busy since returning to our classroom!! We all worked very hard on Google Classroom during lockdown and are continuing to do great work on it even now!

We have been learning the counties of Ireland using this song:

Remember to keep an eye on Google Classroom for updates too!


December has been an exciting month in our classroom!  We put up our Christmas tree and decorations which we were all so excited to do!! :)

We have been having great fun with "Kahoot" quizzes!! We made a fantastic collaborative Rainbow that we have dispalyed in our classroom! Lots of people have been admiring it!! :) We also made some Singing Reindeers which look amazing!!

For the past few weeks, we have been watching Mass online on a Friday morning which we have enjoyed.

We had a special visit from Santa where we got a lovely selection box and a photo taken!! Stay tuned for some photos of this day!! :)


**World Kindness Day is on the 13th November 2020.** 

Our class are going to complete a range of activities this week to celebrate kindness. For example,  we are all going to be a  "secret friend" for someone this week! This means that we will do some random acts of kindness for this person without them knowing who did it!! On Friday, we will tell each other who we were being a "secret friend" to!

We have also started to complete a Kindness Challenege for the month of November!! We complete at least one act of kindness a day using our Kindness Calendar that is kept on a wall at home!! The motto is "It's Cool to be Kind"!!

We are also going to make some Well-Being rocks that will display positive affirmations or words of kindness and they will be displayed in our Sensory Garden! We cannot wait!

Stay tuned to see some photos of our Well-Being Rocks! :)


October has been a very busy month for us! We have taken part in Maths Week 2020 by incorporating ICT in to our Maths class! We have plenty of maths games up on our Google Classroom!! Have a look! :)

We have really enjoyed our work on the computers!! We have been practicing our typing skills and our overall ICT skills. We are using Google Classroom, Google Docs, Google Slides and we even started Google Drawings!! Our teacher is really proud of all our hard work and commitment to learning more about computers!!

This month, we created some lovely art work that is displayed in our classroom!

We have created a Well-Being Classroom! We take part in daily well-being activities to ensure we are all taking care of ourselves! This is our Well-Being Classroom Plan:

Mindful Mondays

Time to Talk Tuesdays

Well-Being Wednesdays

Thankful Thursdays

Fit Fridays

We really enjoy taking part in these daily rituals!

We also really enjoyed "Drop Everything and Dance" that was organised by the Active School Committee! We found this action song quite funny, have a look!!!!! :)

We had lots of fun on the day of our Halloween/Mid-Term Holidays! We made amazing pop-up Halloween cards and had great fun with all our friends! 



Welcome back!!! I hope you all had a lovely summer!!

It's quite a different year ahead of us however our class motto this year will be; "Team Work Makes the Dream Work".

If anyone has misplaced their Prayer Book, please have a look at the photos below. These are the prayers to have ready for our First Confession and First Holy Communion!

We have been working hard and have been enjoying a new Maths Game called "Daily 10" that is accessible through the following link;

The above website will be useful in revising maths concepts and also practicing their mental maths!

Update: Congratulations to all the pupils who received their First Holy Communion on the 19th September!!! We are very proud of you and all your hard work!!! We hope you had an amazing day!! Thanks to all involved!! 

Keep an eye on this page for updates on our class throughout the year!!