School Calendar 2019-2020

Convent of Mercy GNS,

Kanturk, Co. Cork

Phone No : 029 50021

Fax No (029) 51401


Dear Parents,

The following is a list of the proposed closures for the School Year 2019/2020

Convent Of Mercy Primary School  -  School Calendar 2019/2020

August  2019

Thursday 29th 

School Re-Opens

October  2019





November 2019


Tuesday 29th

Wednesday 30th 

Thursday 31st 


Friday 1st 

Bank Holiday

Mid - Term Break

Mid - Term Break

Mid - Term Break


Mid - Term Break

November 2019

Monday 4th  School Re- Opens

December 2019

Friday 20th  Closing for Christmas Holidays at 12.30pm.

January, 2020

Monday 6th  School Re- Opens

February 2020

Thursday 20th

Friday 21st 

Mid-  Term Break

Mid - Term Break

March 2020

Monday 16th 

Tuesday 17th

School Holiday

St Patrick's Day

April 2020

Friday 3rd

Monday 20th

Closing for Easter Holidays at 12.30pm 

School Re- Opens


May 2020

Monday 4th Bank Holiday

June 2020

Monday 1st 

Tuesday 2nd 

Wednesday 24th 

Bank Holiday

School Holiday

Closing for Summer Holiday at 12.30p.m.


This calendar could be subject to change as part of contingency arrangements to make up for time lost due to unforeseen school closures e.g. snow days.

Yours sincerely,


Derval Vaughan