The Rainbow Room - Ms. D O'Riordan



Here are some more of the songs we sing and listen to during Circle Time:

Old MacDonald Had A Farm:

Row Row Row Your Boat:

Wheels on the Bus: (This has been our favourite this month!! We sing the song with actions!!)

1,2,3,4,5 Once I Caught A Fish Alive:

Wind The Bobbin Up:

If All The Raindrops:

Finger Family:

Hickory Dickory Dock:


This month we started working with iPads!! It is so much fun!! We use an app called "Dexteria" which helps with Index Finger Pointing and Fine Motor Skills! We love working on this app!!

We have been doing lots of OT and even got a new scooter board this month which we have been enjoying!

We have enjoyed playing basketball during P.E. with all our friends! We also love playing catch and throwing beanbags into hoops!! The Halla is one of our favourite places!!

We made St.Brigid's Day Art which are in our scrapbooks!! Our scrapbooks are filling up quickly with all our hard work!

One of our new songs this month is: 

Open Them Shut Them:

Have a look at some more new photos of us this month!!


Welcome back!! Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas!!

We have been doing great work so far this month!! We are working at our workstations, doing lots of social group activities and exploring our new sensory toy box!!

We have been going on lots of jobs around the school!! We went to the office and met Nora the Secretary!!

We have been taking part in Mindfulness in our class and have been using an amazing music video to do so!! Please click on the following link to see it:

We even had a Birthday Party this month! It was lots of fun!!!!


Here are some of our new songs this month:

Itsy Bitsy Spider:



We are also taking part in movement breaks and we love these Active Dances!!!!

Shake It Out:

One Little Finger:


Have a look at our new photos!!


December...the months are flying by!! We have been extremely busy doing some Christmas Art this month!! Have a look at our Bulletin Board Display!! Our teacher is really proud of all our hard work!!

We have loved playing on yard at breaktime with all the boys and girls in the school!! It is so much fun!!

We have been working on turn taking this month and we are doing a great job!! 

Our parents were invited to a Coffee Morning on the 7th December 2018. We hope you all had a great time!!

Have a look at some more new photos of us this month!!

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We have all been working really hard this month!! We love our group work activities where we sit with all our friends and do work! 

We have been using our Interactive Whiteboard for Circle Time this month! We all take turns and use an interactive choice board to decide what song or nursery ryhme we listen to next!!

We also have been interacting with the dance moves to our Morning and Goodbye Song! Have a look at these songs!! 

Morning Song:

Goodbye Song:

Our maths song has been one of our favourites this month!! Have a look:

We also have been learning "Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed!". 

We love P.E. time in the hall!! We walk on the balance beam, jump on the trampoline and hoppers and also take part in obstacle courses! We have a lot of fun with our friends here!! 

Finally, we had a Birthday Party this month!!! We all had an amazing day and even had some cake!!!

Have a look at some of our group photos!!

(We are also making scrapbooks for each child of their individual photos to bring home at the end of the year as a keepsake!!)


October was a very busy month for our classroom!! We have been working hard on Fine and Gross Motor activities! We love the trampoline during OT Time!! 

We have been working on "Printing" during art time! We had lots of fun with the paint! We made Leaf prints to tie in with our Aistear theme of Autumn. We will bring home our pictures when they dry! 

We also made Halloween Rice Krispie buns and Halloween Wreaths!! We even got to bring them home!!!

We hope everyone has a lovely Halloween and we will see you all after Mid-Term break!! 



This September, we welcomed an amazing group of children to our school. Our class are called "The Rainbow Room"!! We have been busy making friends and visiting all the fun new places in our school!! We love the sensory room  and the halla!!

We really enjoy messy play and circle time!! We also loved the bubbles during Theraplay!! 

This month, we got a new set of musical instruments and have really been enjoying playing with them and discovering all the sounds they make! 

We are settling in to school life really well and look forward to all the adventures ahead!

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