Parents Association

Parents Association Committee 2017- 2018

Chairperson :                  Adele Hynes

Vice Chairperson :         Geraldine O'Connell

Treasurer :                     Bridget Jordan

Vice Treasurer:              Natasha Humphryes

PRO                               Ursula Carroll

Secretary                      Cathy Green Linehan

Vice Secretary               Roanna Browne


COMMITTEE                Rose Browne

                                      Andrea Lyne

                                      Skirma Vasiliauskas

                                      Sandra  Mullane

                                      Anna Kuras

                                      Piotr Kuras

                                      Jenna Ahern

                                      Sinead Linehan

                                       Mardy O' Riordan

                                       Peter O'Callaghan

                                       Niall O'Rahilly Drew                                      






Our most recent fundraiser was Strictly Comes to Kanturk. This took place on the 9th of December 2016. This event was a huge success and we at Convent GNS are very grateful to those who participated and supported this event in any way. See below some photographs taken of our dancers.




Parents Association Committee 2016-2017

Chairperson:             Adele Hynes

Vice:                           Geraldine O'Connell

Treasurer:                 Bridget Jordan

Vice:                          Natasha Humphries

Secretary:                 Cathy Green-Linehan

Vice:                          Ann Keller

PRO:                          Ursula Carroll

Vice:                          Peter O'Callaghan


The Parents Association of Convent of Mercy N.S. is a voluntary body aspiring to be an inclusive and representative organisation where the parents/guardians of all the children attending the school are welcome.

The Parents Association is a voluntary group of parents that actively support the school in different ways. If you have a child attending the school, you are automatically a member of the Parents’ Association (PA) and welcome to get involved in any or all of the various activities that are planned throughout the school year.

The Parents Association meets about once /twice a term or more often if needed. Each year in late September, a Committee is elected for that school year at the Annual General Meeting. The officers of this Committee meet regularly with the school principal throughout the year.

At these meetings the Principal briefs the officers on behalf of the school’s Board of Management while the officers of the Committee update the Principal on behalf of the Parents Association. Upcoming events and activities are discussed and planned for. The Parents Association is committed to good open communication with parents, the school and its Board of Management.

The following are some of the successful events run by the Parents Association of our school

Coffee Mornings, Womens Wellness Night, Family Fun Walk, Bag packing, Concerts, Table Quiz, Fashion Shows and our most recent Strictly Comes to Kanturk.


The primary aims of the Parents Association are :

To foster and promote effective communication and interaction amongst its members, the school community and the wider community.

To provide and facilitate financial and practical support, in consultation with the school community, in maintaining a quality education for the children.

To support the Board of Management in its policy making role and to work with the professional teaching body in planning and implementing school policy as appropriate.