Literacy Liftoff 2015-16




Literacy Liftoff is an intervention structured programme which gives children an opportunity to develop literacy skills. Children work in small groups with one teacher. The session is completed in stations with a timer. The children work at one station at a time. 

There are four stations. These focus on:

1 - Reading: Reading a new P.M. book to include discussion on the title, the illustrations, how to turn the pages, reading from left to right. The children take this book home to read that night.

2 - Reading: Reading their old book ie. book read the night before is revised and discussed again.

3 - Phonics: revision of all letter names and sounds completed so far. Sounding out and blending words together. Putting words into sentences orally and in pairs.

4 - Writing: Writing letters, their names, c.v.c words and sentences on other topics. This intervention has been a huge success and is certainly benefical for the children's Literacy development.


This programme took place in Senior Infants in November. The Junior Infants are currently completing this programme and they are reaping the rewards.