Junior Infants Jan - March 2016

Literacy Liftoff is now finished - It was a fantastic opportunity to develop the children's literacy skills. These skills will continue to be taught in class. Remember sharing books with your child develops their love of reading. The children are starting to identify the words they know as we come across them daily in their work. They are really proud of this!

In Maths, the class have been counting how many objects there are and putting the objects together to see how many objects there are altogether ie. 2 teddies and 2 teddies makes 4 teddies. "and" and "makes" are the important words to note here and the children counting individually first and pushing the whole lot together to get the total amount. They are getting really good at this. Well done! We are moving onto time next week.

The weather is getting slightly better so the class will be taking some of the brain breaks usually completed in class out to the yard. This will be lots of fun and will help ensure we are an active school. Children will get a small piece of P.E. activity homework too each week eg. jumping jacks.

Aistear will begin again after Easter. We took a break due to Literacy Liftoff. We cannot wait to get started again because we love it. The break did see us having free play time in the classroom.

We have been continuing our work on Ipads, creating Spring Art and learning about Spring, finishing our clay creations, learning about "Éadaí" in Irish. We are hoping to go on a Spring Nature Walk in the local town park very soon. We are very busy learning lots of new things and enjoying other activities around the school.


Look at us using Ipads.