Junior Infants Dearbhail Kearns 2015-16

This school year is really flying by. We have grown up so much and learned so much so far. We have lots to look forward to in this term. 

We recently took part in Hurling and it was so much fun. We learned how to hold a hurley properly and we had fun with plenty puck arounds! We have also began football in school on Tuesdays and Tag Rugby on Fridays. We are very lucky to have exposure to different activities and we really love it:)

April and part of May saw us completing Aistear based on the theme "Birthdays". We held a birthday party, wrapped presents, made cards and completed a cut and paste activity. We had so much fun. Recently, we began work on the Restaurant and that has been Super Duper fun too with lots of learning too.

As the year is drawing to a close, we are working really hard to make sure we know all our letter sounds and names. We are reading more now too. We have read G.G. is too big and are getting ready to read our next book. At home, we are also completing shared reading which helps us to develop our love of reading and gets us to recognise words we already know.

Active School Week will be taking place very soon too and we can't wait for all the great activities planned. We are still completing brain breaks which help us to concentrate. Remember to get some fresh air at home too when you can. During active school week teacher will give us active homework which will only take a few minutes but will be lots of fun!!!

Take a look here for any updates and photographs of activities and work we do.