We have been very lucky with the great weather so far this month! We have really enjoyed taking our learning outside!! We got to use the parachute out in the school yard for P.E. We have also started playing hockey which has been great fun!! 

This month, we have learned a lot about magnets and had lots of fun exploring what was magnetic and non-magnetic!! We have still been working hard on our Active School Challenge!! It has been great fun! 

This month, the older classes had a European Awareness Day. We got to celebrate all the different countries in Europe. We explored all the stalls and even got to taste food from that country. We learned a universal handshake and some of the children in our class got to go on stage and sing or dance to music of their country. We were all so proud of eachother.

We had a very exciting day this month!! All Junior Infants got to take their Teddy Bears on a picnic to the local park for their school tour!! They got to play in the playground and even had ice-cream!!! We had a great day!!

We also went baking this month which was lots of fun!! We hope you enjoyed our Rice Krispie Buns!!

During Active Week, Junior Infants got to do lots of fun sports! They did Dance, Wake Up Shake Up, Obstacle Courses, a Walk to the Park, Soccer, Exercises and they also took part in the Skipathon!!! During this week, the Health Promoting Committe held a "Fruity Friday" where all the children got to see fruit displays and got to try any fruit they wanted to!! Please click on the following link to see photos from that day!!!  http://www.gnskanturk.com/health-promoting-201718-0

Take a look at some more new photos of us this month!! 

Junior Infants have had a fantastic year and have worked very hard! As their teacher, I would like to say how proud I am of all their hard work! They are a wonderful class and a pleasure to teach! I would like to thank you all for your kindness and co-operation throughout the year!! I wish you all a safe and happy Summer Holidays!! Enjoy!! 


We were all extremely excited this month because our caterpillars turned in to butterflies!!!!!! We released them in our school yard and hope to see them around there during breaks!!! We will have to keep an eye out for them!!! We had a wonderful time releasing the butterflies and even got to touch and hold them!!

We have been working really hard at writing our news and have been doing a fantastic job!! We have also been speaking a lot of Gaeilge so make sure to ask us to say our new phrases at home!! 

We completed a Maths Trail this month. We had to search around the outside of the school for triangles, squares, circles and rectangles. We even found them in unusual places such as on the Friendship  bench!! Our teacher was really impressed with all our hard work!!

This month was also exciting because we published our Class Book; "Davy's Adventure". We all wrote a sentence and drew a picture for our book!  Each child will get to take home the book for a night to show family, friends etc. We hope you enjoy it and find it funny, we did!! 

During the sunny days, we got to go to the park to do some exercises and even did circle time outside!! As we are an active school, we have also been working together to complete a challenge set by the Active School Committee. The challenge for Junior Infants - 2nd Class was to complete 32 laps of the school yard (5Km approximately) altogether. It was lots of fun and we learned a new phrase "Walk and Talk"!!

We have a lot of new photos of us this month so please make sure to have a look!! 



We were very busy in our classroom this month! We got to take home our plants that we had been caring for! Their hair had grown so much!!
We have loved using the Ipads to revise our phonics! We use the "Jolly Phonics" app!! It is so exciting when the Ipads come in to our classroom!!
This month has been even more exciting because our caterpillars have arrived!!!!!!!! We have been minding them and cannot wait until they are butterflies!!! Each day, we observe how they are changing! They have grown a lot in the last few days!!! We also made some stained glass pictures of butterflies which we have hanging up on the windows of our classroom! We get to see how the light changes the colours throughout the day!! 
We got to do an Obstacle Course in P.E.! We really enjoyed taking part and even mastered some tricky obstacles!! 
We are also practicing "Mindfulness" in our classroom as we are a Health Promoting School. We think our mindfulness breaks are really important and enjoy taking them!!
Take a look at some more new photos of us this month!!




We had lots of fun during the month of March!! We planted grass seeds in our classroom and are remembering to water them! When they have grown, our characters will have hair made out of grass!! We cannot wait to take them home!!

We have loved using the mini whiteboards and playdough during maths time!! We have been working hard on addition! We got to go on a nature walk to the local park for "World Water Day". Mrs. Meehan's class were our buddies and taught us a lot about the importance of water! We met them in the hall where they taught us some interesting facts and they even had a boat for us to sit in!! Then, we walked to the park and went to see the river!! It was so much fun!! 

We learned the chorus of the song "Óró  Sé do Bheatha Bhaile". We sang it when we raised the Irish flag to remember the 1916 Rising. Make sure to ask us to sing it for you!! 

As our school is an Active School, on the day of the Easter holidays, the Active School Committee brought us to the hall and played lots of fun games with us! We even got to play the egg and spoon race!

In our classroom, we have a timeline of photos; from the month of September onwards!  We add a photo every month and enjoy keeping track of what we are doing! We love to looking at our class photos! Please take a look at some more new photos of us this month!!




Junior Infants have been very busy this month! We have been working hard on our Phonics and are really proud of all our hard work! This month, we celebrated Friendship Week! It was lots of fun! We got to play with the older children and even got to do Zumba! We completed a colouring competition for Friendship Week and the finished products were truly magnificent!!!! 

We made lovely Valentine's Day cards that showed our amazing handwriting!! We also painted hearts to give to our families on Valentine's Day! We painted the hearts through a technique called Pointillism! 

Our Aistear theme this month was "The Vets". We had a great time helping all the animals! We also got a sandbox for our classroom and have loved playing with it during Aistear time!! 

As our school is an Active School, we have been engaging in movement breaks daily. We used "Go Noodle" to learn a dance!! It was great fun! We also received our "Fit4Class" certificates for completing an Athletics programme in P.E.! We were all so proud of what we had accomplished!! 

Take a look at some more new photos of us this month!!


We have started off the year extremely well in Junior Infants! We have been learning about cows and the importance of milk! We then had a great idea to make chocolate milkshakes in our room! We were so excited and completed a shared writing activity where we told our teacher how to make milkshakes. We then all helped to write the recipe on the board. We had a great time and loved the taste of them which made the day even better!

We have really been enjoying using "Bua Na Cainte" to learn Gaeilge in our classroom! We love playing the games on the interactive whiteboard. We love to come up to the board and show how much we have learned. We have also been enjoying playing co-operative games in P.E. as we get to use the parachute! It is so much fun! 

We have started the "Stay Safe" programme in S.P.H.E. this term. We have been learning a lot. The puppet shows are our favourite in this programme! This month, we were preparing for Grandparent's day! We learned a poem off and made presents for our granparents/parents. We were very excited to show our grandparents where we sit in our classroom! We had a great day! 

We have been busy learning new songs in our classroom! We learned "We sing a song to Brigid" and sang it on St.Brigid's Day! We all have such lovely singing voices. We had a new theme for Aistear this month; The Restaurant. We have a pretend kitchen in our classroom and have loved playing with it in the "Role Play Area". The pupils also made fantastic tables and chairs in the "Construction Area" using polydrons! The imagination during Aistear time is amazing to see! 

We made flags to support the Kanturk team and wish them the very best for the match.

Take a look at some more new photos of us this month! Enjoy! 


We have been very busy throughout the month of December! The Junior Infants performed extremely well on stage for their Christmas Play! We are all so proud of them! Well done!

This month, our elf has been very busy in our classroom! He even left us a letter! The Junior Infants completed the “25 days of Kindness” and got to bring home their Kindness stars to hang up! They all did such amazing work!

Santa also called to our school which was very exciting!! We even got sweets from him! We made clay decorations, Santa pictures, Christmas baubles and much more in Art! We really like Art in our classroom!

We have been enjoying Aistear this month! We wrapped presents in Santa’s workshop, built Santa’s sleigh, delivered postcards and so much more! We really enjoyed the theme of Christmas!

Junior Infants have been doing amazing work since September! We hope you all have a wonderful holiday and look forward to seeing you in the New Year! Happy Christmas! 



November has been a very busy month in our classroom! We have started Gymnastics and we really enjoy it! Every Friday, we get to walk to the local hall to play football! We love the walk to the hall!!

This month, we have also been very busy preparing for our school play! On Thursdays, we get to travel by bus to the local hall to practice it! We love going on trips on the bus!! We have worked extremely hard on our play and hope you all enjoy it!

In the school hall, we have a remembrance tree which helps us remember all the people who have gone to heaven; “In November, we remember”. We worked hard on colouring and writing names on leaves which our parents/guardians helped us do. We are very proud to see them in the hall.

We have also started Winter/Christmas art which has got us very excited for Christmas time!! Our fairy; “Junior” brought us an “Elf on the Shelf” and every day he is sitting in a different place around the room!

Our class teddy; “Davy the Dolphin” has been visiting all our houses and is having a great time! He gets to come home with us because we have been doing such great work!

Next month, we will be doing “25 Days of Kindness” as a countdown to Christmas! Each day, we will open a door on our Advent calendar and read the act that we should do that day e.g. “Smile at someone today!”. We hope to do these tasks at home and at school which we know our “Elf” will be very happy about!

Along with all of this, we have been working very hard on our handwriting and all of our workbooks! We even get stickers for all our hard work! 

Take a look at some more new photos of us this month! 


October has been a fantastic month for our Junior Infants!! We have settled in to school life and are really enjoying being part of our school!! We have all been busy practising for our School Play – “Goldilocks and the three Bears”. We know we are going to be amazing on stage and can’t wait for you all to see it!!

We have been taking part in the “Fit 4 Class Primary School Athletics Programme” and have really been enjoying it!! After the ten weeks of this programme, we even get to receive a certificate for all our hard work!!

We started “Aistear” this month and have loved taking part in all the exciting areas – Arts and Crafts, Small World, Role Play and Construction. Our themes this month are: Autumn and Halloween.

Junior Infants also started to learn letters and sounds this month and have been enjoying all the jingles that go with each letter!

We dressed up for Halloween and had wonderful costumes! Have a look at our photos and see can you recognise us! 



In September, we welcomed an amazing group of children to our school – “Junior Infants!!!!”. September was an extremely busy and exciting month in our classroom! We were all very enthusiastic about making new friends and starting a new school!!

Our teacher took us on a school tour and we got to learn about all the fun new places in our school!  We made beautiful art pieces on our first day and got our photographs taken – We were even on the paper!!!! On our first day of school, we got to meet a fairy who lives in our classroom. Her name is “Junior”. We leave drawings outside her door and they are gone in the morning!!!! She even writes us letters back!!

We were all very excited about starting our new school books and getting stickers for our amazing work!!

Take a look at some of our photos to see what we have been getting up to!! Enjoy!!!

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