Homework Policy

Introductory Statement

The Homework Policy was reviewed by the Staff of the Convent Primary School in  2012.


It was revamped as the existing policy was due for review.

Relationship to characteristic spirit of the school:

Our school seeks to enable each child to develop his/her potential.  Homework encourages pupils to work independently and take responsibility for their assignments.


  • To benefit pupil learning;
  • To reinforce work done in class;
  • To develop study skills;
  • To promote a similar approach to homework across all classes;
  • To strengthen links between home and school;

Content of Policy

  • All classes receive homework;
  • Provision is made for pupils with special needs;
  • We strive for a balance between oral, reading and written work. Emphasis in Junior will be on oral work.
  • Homework is for the most part a reinforcement of the work done in class;
  • Homework is  written up on Blackboard/Whiteboard (1st – 6th classes)

Classes from 1st– 6th have a Homework Journal. Teachers sometimes check the Homework Journals; In infant class pupils have a homework folder.

  • Homework is given from Monday to Thursday inclusive;
  • For Non Completion of Homework work may be given again at  the teacher’s discretion

General Guidelines:

Junior Infants :         5 – 10 mins. Long school day/lots of work already done in class covering curriculum.

Senior Infants :        5- 20 mins

1st /2nd classes :     20 – 30 mins

3rd/4th classes:             ¾hour  

5th/6th classes:            1 hour


1. Each pupil  has the responsibility to present and complete his/her homework in a neat   


2. Stickers/comments/praise from teacher are given for good work.

3. Each pupil is encouraged to attempt all homework even if he/she is having difficulties.

The teacher reassures that these difficulties will be taken into account.  The parent  may wish to write  a note to the teacher explaining that a difficulty arose with the homework.  Parent should write a note for incomplete homework.

4. If there is a pattern of non completion of homework parents should be contacted.

5. At Infant level if homework is not done the assignment is completed at teachers own  


6. Extra Homework/activity work  sheets may also be used as a sanction.

7. Oral  Homework i.e. spellings, tables, reading, questions learning off  is a very important part of homework.

Guidelines for Parents

Parents should ensure that children complete the work outlined by –

  • Helping the child to understand the assignment if necessary but never actually doing the work for the child;
  • Listening to : - formal reading, spelling, learning, tables, poetry, prayers;
  • Checking that homework has been completed;
  • Encouraging neat work;
  • The teacher or Principal should be informed if the child has a problem with any aspect of homework;

Success Criteria

Identify some practical indicators of the success of the policy.

· Feedback from teachers, pupils, parents;

· Satisfactory homework exercises and assignments submitted by pupils;

Role and Responsibility

Class teacher, Learning Support  Teacher, Pupil, Principal, Resource Teacher , Language  Teacher, Parent/Guardian. 

Implementation Date

These procedures are already in place.

Timetable for Review

Review in September  2014.