Health Promoting Schools '14/'15

Healthy School

We are a Health Promoting school and are currently participating in Health Promotion Schools Initiative organised by H.S.E. Cork.

A Healthy school policy was originally formulated in June 2005 and was reviewed in 2012.

It was formulated in order to ensure the children in our school were aware of the importance of a balanced diet, how they could make good choices with regards to nutrition and how it helps them to remain healthy.

Our Healthy Schools coordinator is Mrs. Úna Meehan and the committee consists of pupils, parents and principal. Lessons are completed on Healthy Eating in Science and S.P.H.E. Furthermore, Teachers encourage and check lunchboxes on a regular basis to ensure that each child has a healthy lunch each day with one treat feasible on Fridays. We also have a healthy eating pyramid on display in the school halla and a notice board at the entrance to the school. The children have been making a magnificent effort in promoting and upholding our Healthy School status. This has been made possible through the continued support and cooperation from parents. Thanks to all involved.

From the 21st – 25th of October 2013, we held a health promoting week in our school. Our Committee organised various activities for that week. On Friday, 25th of October 2013, we raised our Health Promoting School flag. All parents/guardians were invited to the ceremony. A great day was had by all with lots of healthy treats - smoothies, fruit and brown bread.

In November 2013, we participated in the Food Dudes incentive which boosts awareness and participation in our school. It enabled the children to try out a variety of different fruits and vegetables throughout the week for 16 days. Food Dudes gives pupils an opportunity to sample new fruits and vegetables they may not have eaten before. There is a positive ethos behind the incentive with rewards for giving it a go ie. trying out the different fruits and vegetables.

We are continuing our Health Promoting School and this will link with our Active Schools this year.


Healthy Eating Committee

Teachers: Una Meehan &  Derval Vaughan
Parents Ass. Reps : Caroline Gray & Eimear Savage
B.O.M. Rep.  John Linehan
Pupils : Jennifer O Sullivan
Gemma Gunn
Melissa O Connor
Ciara Geaney
Mathea Scanlan