Health Promoting 2018-2019


Health Promoting School


At the Convent of Mercy GNS, we are very proud to call ourselves a "Health Promoting School". We strive to encourage healthy eating and an active lifestyle.


Our school has been presented with the ‘Health Promoting Schools’ Flag. This flag is presented by the HSE to schools as an acknowledgement of their work in improving the health of their school communities. The Health Promoting Schools programme supports schools to focus on health and wellbeing and involves all members of the school community. Students, staff, parents and guardians work collaboratively in order to encourage a healthy lifestyle


In our school, we have a Healthy Eating Policy which encourages children to bring in healthy food for their lunch. On Fridays, children can bring in one SMALL treat if they wish. We also request that food containing nuts are not brought into school, due to allergies. Please read our Healthy Eating Policy under the Parents section of this website or by using the following link:


We work closely with the Active School Committee during the year to develop healthy lifestyles, encourage sport and active fun. We have a Health Promoting bulletin board in the hall which keeps all pupils informed. There is also a food pyramid in the hall which encourages children to eat more healthy food.


During Active week, the school took part in Mindfulness breaks. The school bell rang at 12pm every day. At this time, the pupils had to stop what they were doing and practice mindfulness. These breaks encouraged pupils and staff to take care of their mental health.


We also had a Health Promoting Day where all pupils got to try a variety of fruit. Ms.Meehan's class made fruit displays which were fantastic!! Junior Infants drew pictures of their favourite fruit which they were very proud of! We all had a great day promoting Healthy Lifestyles outside in the sunshine!!!


Take a look at some of our photos!!