Green Schools Sept - Dec '15

Welcome back to another Green School Year. It is going to be a busy one as we are starting our quest for our third green flag. This flag will be awarded for WATER.

We hope that at the end of two years our school will be aware of the importance of water conservation and will learn lifelong skills to protect this precious resource. We will also keep in mind the importance of saving energy and properly disposing of and recycling waste.

We have a great new committee to help with the water project:: The children are-

Leah Browne, Ellen O Connell (First and Second class)

Mary Sheehan, Mckenzie O Sullivan Cashman (Third Class)

Ciara Linehan, Edel Moore (Fourth and Fifth class)

Jayne Harrington, Katie Lavelle Fifth and Sixth class)

At our first committee meeting, the children gave some great ideas about our water project. We have set up our rota for class checks. The committee also decided to plant some spring bulbs. They are currently checking out ideas for our notice board and also a new mascot.

The older committee members will be visiting Inniscarra hydro-electric power station to explore  how water is used to generate electricity. This will take place after mid term break and the girls will report back to their classes after the tour.

November -After mid term we had a lttle competition to design a mascot for our water flag and the team will shortly be working on making and displaying it on our notice board.

INISCARRA DAM VISIT- On Thursday 5th November, we visited a hydro-electric power station at Iniscarra. The children got to see the dam, the generators, the control room. They were shown how each area was vital to the successful production of energy. They learned how the dam operates. We were also very lucky to experience how salmon, swimming upstream for spawning season were caught and taken to a nearby hatchery at Carrigadroichead. The trip was educational and the girls are preparing a powerpoint presentation for their classes in the coming days. Check out our trip pics ...

Well done to Jayne. Her mascot Bobby Bottle was voted best mascot for our water flag. This will be made in the coming weeks. We are also taking meter readings of our water usage and our green school wardens are monitoring our waste, energy use and water use every week. Well done team!!