Green Schools Jan - June '16

Green Flag ....Water 

Our notice board is being updated with our Action Plan.

At a recent meeting we decided to introduce a campaign to keep our public parks and walkways clean when walking our dogs.  This project is organised by Cork County Council and they have asked schools to come on board. All dog owners in our school will take a pledge to clean up after their dog, when walking in the town.  Our motto is "ANY BAG ANY BIN". We hope that all dog owners will sign the pledge and help keep Kanturk clean. We have some nice little prizes to give away for all those who take part. 

Water Explorers- The Water Masters team in Fourth and Fifth class are doing great work with some projects in Water Conservation. They have been awarded IRISH SCHOOL OF THE MONTH for their efforts. 

The Green School Committee are working hard on creating a new mascot, re-organising the re-cycling centre and monitoring bins and energy use in the school.. 

MOBILE PHONE RECYCLING- Autism Ireland are currently involved in recycling mobile phones and have asked us to take part. If you have any old phones to recycle, we would appreciate them as part of this worthy cause and the school wil also be rewarded for their efforts by the organisation.