Green Schools 2018-2019

Global Citizenship and the Marine Environment 

This is the name of our fourth green flag which we hope to be successful with during this school year. We already  have green flags for Waste management, Energy and Water.

During the past two years we have worked hard towards our new flag.

  • Workshop day at Lifetime lab, Cork
  • National Marine conference in Limerick in which 4th/5th class presented their project on marine environment issues
  • New mascot - Shelly the Seahorse
  • Action day on the marine environment due to take place on 6th Dec  
  • Climate action day in October where we planted 80 horsechestnuts.
  • Coffee cup campaign- to encourage more people to use keep cups.                                                     

​Action day 2018 -6th Dec will see 4th and 5th class along with the Green School committee lead the way for Action Day. We have lots of activities and fun games for all classes. We hope to create awareness about the importance of ocean life and the prevention of pollution.


The following activities were organised by the committee and by 4th and 5th class for our Action Day 2018.


A-Z of Ocean life

Obstacle Course

Recycling Activity


Rubbish Relay

Save the Whale

Puzzle Fun

Marine Catch

Powerpoint on the future of our blue planet

We had an amazing day with everybody taking part and learning about their world. Thanks to everybody involved and to the staff for their co-operation.