Green Schools 2017/'18


Welcome back to another GREEN year in our school. After two very successful years and achieving the third green flag for Water, we are now turning our attention to the next flag which is ....GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP AND THE MARINE ENVIRONMENT. We are calling it the Marine Flag!!

We are already up and running with our new committee. Our first task is to maintain all the great work being done in Litter, Energy and Water. We have organised a great competition for Halloween. The children will design their own costume, artwork, decoration on the theme of Halloween. They must use only recycled materials that they would otherwise throw away. All the family can get involved. We are trying to create awareness of the need to reduce and re-use materials. Judging is on friday before Mid-Term break.

Marine Workshop- Our committee travelled to Cork to take part in a series of workshops based on the marine environment. The activities included talks, Science experiments, games, groupwork and action plans. The girls were very impressed with the day and learned so much about our oceans and seas.

COMPETITION- Well done to all our winners in the Halloween re-cycling competition. The standard was really high in all classes and everybody made a huge effort to re-use old items. Check out our pics below!

November News- Following the great ideas put forward by our Green School committee in Cork, we have been invited to take part in a Marine conference in Limerick on 5th December. Our prize involves a class invite to the event to exhibit some of our ideas on "Marine Litter". At the moment we are working very hard to get everything ready for the trip. Well done everybody!!

SURVEY- A huge thank you to everybody who took part in our "coffee cup" survey recently. We got a really positive response. The survey is part of our project to encourage people to use re-usable cups and to reduce the amount of litter in the environment. Thanks also to 4th and 5th class who helped to calculate the results.


90 people returned answers

70% buy take-away beverages

28% use keep-cups or re-usable cups.....62% use disposable cups

on average 255 cups of beverages are bought every week.

100% of people say keep-cups are better for the environment!!

We are now following up this survey with a poster campaign in our local shops to promote the benefit of  re-usable cups. We hope that there will be a positive response to our campaign.

Marine Conference 2017, Strand Hotel, Limerick- On Dec 4th, my 4th/5th class and the senior Green School committee were up early. Off to Limerick to take part in the second national Marine conference. The girls were invited to display a project on Marine litter. We have been working on this for the past number of weeks and the work was finally ready for the trip. It was a really great day. I think the girls learned lots about the problems facing the planet. We also had fun and the food was lovely. I am very proud of the fantastic work we have done . part of our project was an awareness campaign on the over-use of disposable coffee cups. Following some surveys and research work and some lovely posters, which are now on display in some local shops, we hope to encourage everybody to buy re-usable coffee cups. Thanks especially to Tricia in the Daily Grind for her support.