Active Schools 2017/'18

Recently, we have been working very hard towards our Active flag. Since September we have taken part in many activities. Take a look at some activities in action.

Activities during the Year

- Gymnastics with Patsy O' Reilly (October/Halloween).

- Buddy Systems in yard (First Term: Juniors & 5th/6th Class).

- Zumba with Teresa Napier (Christmas).

- School Drama Dance performance with dance teacher & class teachers (Christmas).

- Friendship Week *Zumba with Teresa Napier (Mixed Classes completing Zumba together).

- Irish Dancing Class (5th/6th Class - Seachtain na Gaeilge).

- Tag Rugby (Spring/Easter time).

- Swimming for 4th/5th/6th (Spring/Easter).

- Egg and Spoon Race and Relays with A.S. Committee organising (Seniors/Easter).

- Exercises in the yard every week in our class lines with active school members leading (All year round: Every Wednesday and Friday (2017/2018).

This year so far, our active school committee have held meetings with minutes taken, conducted a P.E. Audit, promoted an active lifestyle for all children in our school.

We will be back to you with any updates very soon. 


Welcome back to another year of Active School. We have been extremely busy ensuring we are active throughout the school year since being awared with our first Active School flag in 2015.

This year we are applying for our renewal flag.

The three parts we focus on for Active School are..

- Physical Education

- Physical Activity 

- Partnerships

Please keep an eye out for any updates here!

See the current Active School committee below and feel free to ask them any questions you may have. The committee are in charge of updating our Active School Page once a month throughout the year.


Grace O' Connor & Lauren Lehane