Active School Week May Update!

Active School Week has been taking place in our school all this week from the 20th - 24th of April 2015.


All classes have taken part in lots of activities throughout the week and it has been a huge success. As the weather was so good the pupils were able to complete a lot of games and exercises outside. 


Every day, pupils got to sample a different sport or activity.

For 5th/6th: Kangoo Jumps, Golf, Football, Gymnastics, Mindfulness.

For 4th/5th: Football, Basketball, Gymnastics, Mindfulness.

For 2nd/3rd: Badminton, Yoga, Football, Basketball.

For 1st/2nd: Football, Badminton, Yoga.

Senior Infants: Rugby, Football, Obstacle Course.

Junior Infants:  Rugby, Football, Obstacle Course.


Also, pupils completed the school marathon, walked to the park and practised a new dance routine. This was recorded by Peter O' Callaghan. Children took part in a school quiz too.


Art Competition:

Junior and Senior Infants completed a colouring picture.

First to Third  Class completed a poster Competition with the theme 'My Active School'.

Fourth to Sixth Class completed an Active School Slogan/Motto.


The Active School Committee held assemblies to inform the pupils of the importance of being active at home and in school.


The week ended with a disco for all and prizes were given out to the Competition winners.


Take a look at some of the activities taking place below.