Active School Week

Every year, our school hold an Active School Week which consists of a variety of activities. It is important to us to offer a wide range of activities to our children with participation and exposure to different activities the main focus.


The Week is always discussed and organised by the Active School Committee including the children. The wider school community is utilised throughout the year and during this week especially. The adult members of the committee devise a timetable for the week. These are then distributed to class teachers and on display by the active school board and in the staff room.

Physical Activity Homework has been given at different points during the year. For the month of June, an extra effort was made by all class teachers to give their class P.E. Homework on P.E. days or at least one day in the week. The Active School Committee gave out a list of activity ideas to class teachers.


This year due to Confirmation and Communion preparation and celebrations active school week will take place from 18th-22nd of June 2018. Watch this space for the timetable and post event photographs.