Active School 2020-2021


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September 2020

Hi everyone,

A new page for a new year. We always lead a healthy and active lifestyle here in Kanturk GNS. This year we are working towwatds our next school flag.

Take a look here for updates in all the different sections.


October 2020

Today(the day of the Halloween Holidays) meant some bit of "normality" in our school where all the children could come into school in their costumes if they liked.

It was also a "Feel Good Friday" where chart music was pumped into the yard at all the staggered breaks and lunches. The children remained in their section of the yard but luckily we had one of the speakers which was donated to the school previously by a parent. We are so lucky to have such supportive parents and a wider community base to help us out.

On the day an announcement was made to all classes over the intercom for "Deadly Dancing" which meant every class "Dropped, Everything and Danced". We all had a "deadly" dance and a spooktacular day:) See some photos on the main website page and here too.