Active School 2018-2019



This month we are planning easter activities for the infants and one of the senior classes. We are planning an egg and spoon race and relay races for the infants. 6th class are going to do some active circuit activities and a game of volleyball.



This month the 6th class completed the Siege of Ennis in the halla. The teachers also did a range of Irish dances for Seachtain na Gaeilge\St Patricks Day. People in our school also took part in the St Patricks Day parade. Girls from 3rd,4th,5th,6th,took part in football and soccer blitzes  and they did very well;)



This month we are planning easter activities for the infants and one of the senior classes. We are planning an egg and spoon race for the infants. For the 6th class we are going to do some active activites with them.



This month our school have been very active again. Next week we are taking part in friendship week and as our school is very active we are combining some active activities  into friendship week. From the butterfly room, rainbow room, juniors and seniors/first we are organising an obstacle course. We are also going on a buddy walk with the whole school. Take a look at photos here and on twitter.



We have been very busy in Active School since September. Our Active School members have been on the yard with their blue hi- vis vests and are encouraging all the children in our school to run, hop, skip and jump in the yard as much as possible.

During November/December, an active challenge was given out to each class to encourage Busy Breaks in the form of dance and any other activities that could be completed in the classroom or the yard.


January is always a good time to begin new things. We are extremely active here in Kanturk GNS. We are promoting our active lifestyle with our school community too with updates here and links to Operation Transformation on Twitter. When the weather gets a finer in Spring we will begin more activities in the year. 

We have already had meetings and will be having more with our committee to plan new and exciting things.




Welcome everyone to our Active School page. 


Last year we were extremely busy and were awarded our 2nd Active School flag. This process takes place over a three year period.


We are extremely active in Kanturk GNS and are beginning a new cycle of Active school over the next three years. We hope to continue to promote and participate in a healthy and active lifestyle for the future as health and activity is such an important life long goal which we like to instill in all pupils at Kanturk GNS.


Take the time to look through the archive for our previous work towards Active School. This year we are beginning again so keep an eye out on the different sections of our Active School page for any updates throughout the year.