6th Class 2018-2019 Ms Guiney

Welcome to our class page for 2018/2019- This page will be updated by the students of 6th class to keep you up to date with what is going on inside and outside the classroom. We are back after the Halloween break anfd so much as been happening in our classroo,. WE had not one but two teams taking part in thias years IRD public speaking competition. We are so proud of the eight girls that took part and we hope they will take the skills they learnt with them on to secondary school. We have been busy working towards receiving our first safety award in conjunction with Cork County Council ,. We were lucky enough to be awarded the flag at a fabulous ceremony in Cork County Hall on November 6th. 

Science week was an exciting time in our class- each student deomstrated an experiment for the class where both fun and learning was had!!

During the month of November we have been learning all about World War 1 - Each student presented a project to the other students in the school- with some very interesting projects being displayed- We have some pictures to show you our great work !! WE look forward to the Christmas build up

Bye for now - 6th Class