5th & 6th Class 2014

Teacher: Mrs Anne Murphy.


Welcome to our class.


We have been extremely busy since September with a variety of activities taking place in our classroom.


Recently, We have been participating in Junior Entrepreteur Projects. We have been working very hard and each group have come up with very exciting, innovative and impressive ideas. Each group has planned, researched and developed their products. They have also presented their projects to 3 dragons.


The children have been very eager to partcipate in this project and it has been a great success so far. Take a look at some of the girls' work.


During Green School Energy Action Week, we organised a fun active obstacle course for Junior and Senior Infants in the yard. This was a huge success. The younger children really enjoyed the activities and we are hoping to complete obstacle courses again soon.


We have been practising our songs for the upcoming Limerick Peace Proms. This is such a fantastic event to be involved in. We are very excited and can't wait!