4th/5th Class Úna Meehan

Welcome back to another school year with a new class of 29 girls.It looks like it's going to be a very busy term. As well as all our curriculum areas, we also have a Christmas show to prepare for. My class will be performing an extract from The Wizard of Oz. Work is well under way.

Well done to the girls who took part in the Duhallow Girls' Football blitz recently. Our Green School Halloween competition is up and running and I am really looking forward to the creative designs. Closing date is the Friday before Mid Term break. 

Our credit Union Art competition is almost ready now. The theme this year is "Let your imagination go Wild". Best of luck to everybody.

We have some lovely new books in our classroom, thanks to the money from the Book Fair. The girls use the library every week to help with reading.

MATHLETICS and CLICNEWS are two websites that we hope to make great use of this year. Clicnews is a fun way of exploring news items and keeps the child informed of events going on in their world. It has the added attraction of rewarding the child through the SWAP SHOP and exciting competitions. 

MATHLETICS- Maths class is sOOOOO quiet when we do mathletics!!!!. It is fun, interesting and a change from the teacher doing all the talking. More details about this later.

OCTOBER NEWS- Our Drama, The Wizard of Oz is in full swing now as the girls are going through their lines and songs. 

Green School and Halloween- We are having a Halloween themed recycling competition. Each girl can design an item or picture using as many old objects as possible.....the more the better. The idea is to create awareness of the need to reduce and re-use items. 

Green flag workshop- Thanks to Aisling, Janelle and Grace for joing the Green School committee on our trip to Cork. We took part in some really interesting and fun activities based on the marine environment. We are beginning work on our fourth flag now which is Global Marine Environment

Well done to Vanesa who was the  winner in "Guess the Object" competition in clicnews.

Below are some pictures of our bulb planting for October.

Maths Week- It was short thanks to "Ophelia" but we had some exciting games of Monopoly on the Friday!!

Re-cycling competition- Big congrats to Vanesa and Tija who won prizes in our Halloween re-cycling competition. A fantastic effort was made by my class and well done to all!!

November/December- Trip to Limerick. The girls enjoyed a very interesting and thought provoking Green School trip to Limerick. They took part in the National conference on the marine Environment organised by An Taisce. They were selected to exhibit their project on Marine Pollution. The day was great fun and all speakers were very impressed with the work done.

Wizard of Oz- After all the hard work our big night finally arrived. The show was a huge success and I am very proud of everyone in the class. Check out the photos!.

Next up will be our Senior Citizens party in the Golf club, Kanturk. Thanks to all the girls who will entertain on the night.




Gardening- We have been busy planting vegetables in our science class. We have pots full of peas, corn, onions and beans. Hopefully the weather will improve soon and we can plant them outdoors. we hope you all like our Spring daffodils and tulips which we planted last autumn.

Green school Walk for Water- Thanks to my class for organising the Walk for water activities in March. This activity takes place globally every year and it is to support the children who do not have access to clean drinking water. We invited the Junior and Senior infants along as well as organising activities for them in the Halla. 

Confirmation- Best of luck to our nine fifth class girl- Lauren, Laura, Eva, Gabriella, Vanesa, McKenzie, Ava, Aurelia and Emilia- who are busy preparing for their confirmation ceremony which takes place on 16th May. Our 4th class will be helping them with their participation in the choir.


Summer News - Cork City Sports - Well done to Milena, Gabriela, Wiktoria, Milena ,who competed in the recent Cork sports. We had a wonderful day and thanks to the parents who came along to help us and to Helen also.

Europe Day A very successful event took place to celebrate Europe day in our school in June. Well done to the Fifth and Sixth class girls for presenting a fantastic display. And also a big effort was made by the girls in fourth with their dance displays during lunch time. 

Active Week- This is a very busy and exciting week with the emphasis on fun and lots of activity.