3rd Class Anne Murphy


Welcome to our Third class of 2016/2017.There are 20 girls in our class this year.With September behind us now we are well settled into the new school year.Its our first year being upstairs in the school which has been a bit of a novelty.We have lots of plans for the new academic year.

At the moment we are doing cycling classes with John from Limerick .The  bikes are supplied by John and helmets are supplied too if required.We have learned all about safety when using bikes.The first thing always to check is that  you yourself is prepared for cycling.Laces tied/loose trouser leg tucked inside sock/Hi VIsi jacket to be worn for safety and of course the helmet is a must.!!!!!

Before riding the bike the front and back brakes are checked/tyre pressure is checked and the saddle is adjusted to the appropriate height.Did you know we always stand to the left of the bicycle for a number of reasons.Mostly to protect us from the chain and also if heading out onto the road we keep to the left of a bike should a car approach and   come too close that we could escape danger.

We have learned about oncoming traffic,overtaking,stopping at traffic lights and roundabouts.Our schoolyard is a busy place during this session with 20 cyclists riding round.

We will have lots of exciting events coming so follow with interest.