2nd/3rd Class 2018-2019 Mrs. Murphy

Mrs Murphys class of 2018-2019

Its December and I am finally updating my website.OOOOpps!!!We have been ever so busy in our classroom.There are 29 children in our class this year.6 in Second class and 23 in  Third class.We welcomed a new girl into Third in November.

We are having lots of fun in our class.We spent alot of time getting to know each other in September and settling in.In October we had a three day visit from the Department Inspectors.They visited our class each day and heard how good we are at our Gaeilge.We sang songs, experimented with sounds and explored 2D shapes  at Maths time.They examined us on lots of topics and they were very impressed with us.

In November we had lots of fun with Science Week.We did lots of experiments and had great fun.We are busy learning multiplication tables in Third.Second class cant wait to get started in Joined Writing.We also had our Parent Teacher meetings.On Fridays we do gymnastics with Patsy.She shows us how to move safely and perform moves like The James Bond move!!!Its very exciting.

As its coming up to Christmas now we will be singing carols and doing lots of festive activities.Mrs Murphy is teaching us a new song called Its Nearly Christmas.

I just cant wait for the Christmas to come.Advent has started and the countdown is on.....