2nd & 3rd Class 2019-2020 Denise O Riordan



This week we made St.Brigid's Day crosses! They were hard to make but they turned out great!! On 7th February 2020, we will be celebrating a big achievement......we reached 1,000 points on our Class Dojo!!!! Feel free to ask us how we got them!!! Our teacher is having a surprise for us on that day so we can't wait to see what it is!!

We also received our Class Book; "What Make Me Happy" this month!!!  I'm sure you all agree that they were amazing!!! This book that we published with https://studentreasures.ie/ was very professional and we are extremely proud of all our hard work!! Thank you all for your participation. We hope you enjoy this keepsake for many more years to come!!

We made pots out of clay this month!! It was so much fun to make!!! We will bring them home once they are painted and all dry!!!


Welcome back! We had a great time on Grandparent's Day. We made lovely cards for our Grandparents/Parents which they really appreciated. We uploaded the pictures of our mindfulness pillows that we sewed completely by ourselves!! I bet you're impressed!!! Take a look at the photos below.


Hello again! R.O.F speaking (Guess who?) This December in maths, 3rd class are now doing multiplication. We also decorated the Christmas tree and the classroom!!!!!!!! It was really exciting!! In art we decorated paper plates as Christmas decorations. We did hot chocolate vs cold art, Christmas spellings and we went to the library. We also created a positive emotion potion including two ingredients of feel good flow and gratitude. Most importantly our Christmas pageant. We threw a Christmas Party for our Teacher!! We had tiny meetings out in yard even when Teacher was on YARD DUTY!!! It went very well!! Don't worry, we'll be back in January! You know you'll miss us! =) Oh and Goodbye for now!!!!!


From R.O.F (Guess who?)


This month Third Class are finishing Computer Coding! They really enjoyed it! Second Class are busy preparing their Prayers for their First Confession and First Holy Communion. They have their "Do This In Memory" Masses coming up soon which they are excited about. We are also very busy practicing for our Christmas Play - "The Nativity"!! 

This month, students in our class are going to type up what we did during the month!! The students will be a secret so you'll have to figure out who wrote it!! 

Stay tuned!! 


Hello, 2nd and 3rd class speaking.  

This November we have been doing lots of activities .We have started gymnastics and football as our P.E. We have also done collages out of old newspapers and magazines. In weaving well-being we have wrote positive emotions and adjectives on paper faces that represent us. We did "In November we remember" leaves. We also drew self portraits and painted Halloween blending scenes.

                                                                                                                 From R.O.F (Guess who?).


This month has been very busy!! We were very excited when we heard that Ms.Kearns brought us back letters from chldren in Uganda!! It was really interesting to read what they had to say!! We also wrote some letters back to them!! We hope they enjoy reading them!!

This month, we have been working hard on our computer skills! We researched Japan and The World Cup, Recipes for Procedural Writing and have also started using Microsoft Word!! We have typed up our very own Acrostic Poems based on the theme of Halloween!! We can't wait to take them home! Third Class are really enjoying Computer Coding using "Scratch". If you would like to have a copy of your child's "Scratch", please send in a USB on Wednesday 23rd October. If you do not have a USB, we can email you a copy if you wish.

We have been enjoying our reading groups this month! We have been working hard on decoding words, fluency and comprehension! We love when we get to go outside for our Gaeilge class!! We participate in "Ag Siúl agus Ag Caint" in the school yard.....ask us about it!! We are learning fantastic tunes on the Tin Whistle and are sounding great!! 

We have been saying the Angelus at 12pm every day and we already know it off by heart!! Thank you for all the information on schools in the past! Both second and Third class brought back such interesting stories to discuss in our History lesson!

In Art, we got to experience what it would have been like for the artist; Michelangelo!! We drew pictures by placing them under our tables to act as if it were the ceiling!! Take a look at our photos for this!!

We took part in a fantastic Maths Week!! Mrs.Meehan organised wonderful "Construction Stations" in the Halla! Second and Third Class were paired with The Rainbow Room, The Butterfly Room and the Junior Infants!! Our class helped the younger children to construct houses etc. using Mathematical Language! We had so much fun!!!!! During Maths week, we learned about Tessellating Shapes using ICT. Here is the website: https://www.nctm.org/Classroom-Resources/Illuminations/Interactives/Tessellation-Creator/ We solved puzzles in the classroom all week and also had a Board Game Maths Lesson on Friday! We had great fun!! Here is another website we enjoyed during Maths Week: https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button

This month we were very lucky to have an author visit our class! His name was David Donohue and he told us some interesting facts about being an author! One of his books is called "Moon Man" and it sounds interesting!

We hope you all have a lovely Mid-Term Break! Enjoy and Happy Halloween!!

  • Have a look at some our photos!! 


Welcome Back!!! I hope you all had a lovely summer! We have been very busy since we came back to school!! We have been enjoying taking part in games that promote friendships in SPHE and have also enjoyed the "Buddy System" when we are out on yard at break!

We got to use the computers for the first time!!!! It was very exciting and we all had great fun!! We were using "Google Maps" in geography to find our homes and places of interest in Kanturk!!

We have learned a rap as Gaeilge called "Shiúil mé"!! We perform it with actions and have really mastered it this week!! Ask us to perform it for you at home!!

We have been working a lot with concrete materials in maths beacuse we are learning all about "Place Value". We have been writing lots of Diary entries under the writing style; "Recount". We have read them out to our classmates and we all have enjoyed listening to them! We have been working hard to keep our copies neat and hope to continue this throughout the year!!!

We have been learning about "Mime" in Drama and the class are fantastic performers!! We start music on Monday the 16th September which we are excited about! We created beautiful paintings on Friday using the technique "Pointillism". Ask us about it!! Our self portraits outside our door are also fantastic! We really have a lot of artists in the classroom!

On Wednesday the 18th, Third class are started Computer Coding for eight weeks which we are very fortunate to have available to us in this school! Second class have a very exciting year ahead of them with their Communion! We hope to have an enjoyable and fun filled year of learning! 

Keep an eye on this page throughout the year for some class updates and  some photos!!