1st/2nd Class Elaine Courtney

welcome back all.... well we are all back and busy busy busy. this year we have 8 girls in 2nd class and 17 in 1st class. So far all is well and we are working very well together... we are trying lots of new things this year and having fun as we do them. This year we are trying station teaching in our english. In this we are put into groups and move around to 5 different stations. When teachers alarm goes off we move on. We do things like reading, phonics, ipad games and lots more. So far so good and its great fun.

1st class are also new to music this year. They are learning very quickly and will be entertaining you all in the future im sure.2nd class are also playing music and this year we are finding out that we have somelovely musicians inour class. keep it up.

This year we hope to put on a school show just before christmas. In this each class group will do their own play.our class will bedoing 'the jungle book'. So plenty music song and dance until then.

This week we start gymnastics and im sure there will be lots of rolling and tumbling there too. all go!

Thats all for now but lots more to cOme so watch this space!!!