1st/2nd Class 2018-2019 Mrs. Courtney

Happy New Year everyone. We hope everybody has a great year in 2019. We are going to try our best here at school anyway. As expected Santa called to everyone and we are all full of the joys of a new year.

Already since we came back we have started a new term of music. This term 2nd class are taking a beak from music though but it does give us a chane to concentrate on out prayers and sacrament preparation. May 11th is fast approaching and a date for the Sacrament of Penance will be known soon.

This week we will also start going to the library on Fridays. Hopefully Fridays will stay dry for us!!! 

Enjoy the start of the new year and we will update you as we go...





Well off we go again. All very busy in 1st and 2nd class. This year we have 11 girls in 2nd class and 18 in 1st. Just 2 weeks we got a new girl in first class and we are all doing our best to make her feel welcome. We are trying lots of new approaches this year.We have already done station teaching in our maths class and at the moment we are doing liteacy liftoff for english reading,It is such fun.We ge to read lots of books and we even get to play on th ipads. in art we aredoing lots of drawing and exprimenting with different effects. On Fridays we are all doing gymnastics with Patsy and are aiming to do group performances for our class in a few weeks. 1st class are settling in really well to music classes and we will have some great musicians in years to come. The month of December fast approaches and as usual im sure we will be as busy as any of Santa's elves in preparation fo Christmas.