1ST and 2nd classes 2015-16

its as busy as ever here in 1st and 2nd.

 Since christmas the communion class have been busy preparing for their sacraments. On Thursday night the 10th of March 2nd class had their First Penance.On Sunday April 10th we had our last 'Do this in memory' mass. Preparations are now on for the Communion Day on May 14th.

SwImming has started for our class.It is 1st classes fist time going swImming and already I think we wlll have some fine swimmers in time to come.... swimming is on every Friday for the next 6 weeks.

Our school had its Proclamation Day on March 15th. Our part for the day was to research the 'Irish Flag'. it was great fun learning about the Flag and some of the class really loved looking into the past and learning about Ireland in 1916.

Schools football continues on a Tuesday. 1st class are also playing on a Tuesday now too.

This year our school will take part in the Cork City Sports.This is a big sports day in the city. Next week we will have races in school to see who will represent our school on this day.

As a school we are trying to be mindful of the amount of paper we use. Last week we had a day where we could not use the photocopier.... saving lots of paper in the office. We also have a scrap box in our room for all scraps of paper and we can use these scraps in Art, etc.

We are after our long Easter holidays and have an action packed last term ahead. we have Communion, swimming, football, music, school tours, Action week and much more to look foward to.