1st and 2nd Class - Mrs. Elaine Courtney

Welcome to the 1st and 2nd class page.....



It has been a very busy start to our year. We are all working very hard and are getting along really well.

At the moment we are doing yoga on a Wednesday with Susan. It is great fun. We have visited lapland, the jungle and swan with baby whales!!!!! We have learned that yoga can relax and calm our minds as well as our feelings.

In second class we have started the 'Do this in Memory' programme. This involves a special mass every month that we take part in with our families. In class we have our own 'Remembrance tree'.Everyone put somebodies name on a leaf and hung it on the tree.We remember these people in our prayers.

1st class are doing music with Jackie for the first time.2nd are also continuing to learn music.I'm sure we  will have some great musicians in time to come...

Just this week Olivia in 2nd class won a prize in the Credit Union art competition. Well done Olivia.

Some of our class also take part in football after school on a Tuesday.

In class we are very busy and happy.we do lots of Art,P.E, and all other nice things. Exciting times coming up to Christmas when we will be putting on our own Chritsmas Show called 'Whoops-a-Daisy Angel'.