1st & 2nd Class 2019-2020 Elaine Courtney


Hi everybody. All back at school again and trying our best to settle back into the routines of the school day. It is a big year for 2nd class you will get their First Holy Communion this school year and also the Sacrament of Reconciliation. We welcome 1st class to our room and they are all doing really well and getting used to the long day in school. 

Lots of things happening this term. We started music on Mondays with Jackie and its sounding good already. PE is on Tuesdays and hopefully soon we will be able to go to the local library on a Friday...

Lots of new books and activities to do and get used to but as they say 'slow and steady wins the race'. We will all work really hard and do our best. 

So, keep a look out and we will keep you posted on any news from out room. 



Well what a treat we had in our room. Aileen Lehane gave us a fantastic lesson on the Vikings. The children loved looking at the clothing and weapons she has. We saw loads of pictures from her viking weekend in Wexford. Some of us even though about becoming a viking because the children did not have to go to school!!!! we also learned that Viking helmets did not actually have horns on them, but the Vikings did drink from cow horns... Thank you Aileen.